Tomeka James

Lace Closure Application 
Learn how to attach a Closure unit to your Full weave up close and personal. Discover the right way to attach the elastic band to the closure for flawless looks . Meet up with the right tools to have success. It may have been difficult in the past, but after this class you will understand how to hit the nail on the head and have all of your questions answered.
DSW Unit created by Tomeka James
Completing a Sewn Weave takes time….. In about 1.5 months, you have to remove it then do it all over again. Why not learn how to create a unit that is removable. You will only have to spend time sewing all those tracks on once. You will be able to make this unit without the client being present. Create this unit at your own leisure. See the magical method of removing this unit and quickly applying it again. Everyone’s happy!

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