”The cry you hear from millions of people is; “Help I am losing my hair and I don’t know what to do!” Hair loss has become an epidemic and is impacting millions in the world. This forum will provide a corium of Medical Doctors and Trichologists that empower beauty professionals with a wealth of knowledge concerning hair loss, trichology haircare and hair loss restoration services.  The panel speakers will provide answers to questions concerning Saving Our Strands (S.O.S.) Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP), Natural Haircare, Laser Therapy, Hair Augmentation, Sickness and Diseases, and the Global Hair Loss Epidemic. We are bridging the gap between the Medical Doctors, Cosmetologists and Trichologists.


Meet the Doctors and Hair Restoration Experts:

Dr. Marcia Glenn, Dermatologist

Dr. Gloria Morrow, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Cherlyn Lee, RN and Wellness Expert

Sharon Reams, Hair Replacement Specialist

Gloria Gigi Ford, Hair Replacement Specialist

Doris Mosley, Trichologist/Hair Restoration Specialist

Connie Judge, Moderator and President of the National Trichology Training Institute

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