Tarsha Woods

Tarsha Woods

Class #1-Undetectable Strands

This latest invention is a simple and affordable hair extension service that is virtually undetectable and easy to apply. Gone are the days of fusions, braids or clips!  These unique strands come with the ends in the shape of loops which are attached to the hair using a special threading technique. This allows attachment to thin areas such as the crown and hairline as well as against the scalp. Also known as Microchet, this process is quick with no pulling or damage to the natural hair. NO HEAT, NO CHEMICALS!  Undetectable Strands produces smooth, flowing results and can be washed, colored or permed. Great for coverage and length for fine and thinning hair. Maximize hair movement while adding volume with these extensions that will last for up to 3 months.

Class #2 Properly Installing Lace Closures

This class will show you how to properly install the lace closure for the flattest and most natural look. NO GLUE!!  We will also discuss:
• Creating the closure
• Lace bases
• Custom vs stock
• Closure customization
• Sealing knots
• How to make minors repairs

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