Tarsha Woods

How to Make your own Silk Base Closure

Silk base closures are 4-inch by 4-inch hairpieces that are added to the crown of the head as part of the weaving process. They are used to create natural looking hair extensions and consist of a layer of lace, and silk fabric with knots that are concealed in between the layers. Unlike lace closures, silk base closures are double layered and hairs are infused giving the most realistic scalp like appearance with no visible grid lines. Silk base closures are available in a variety of textures and colors to blend perfectly with wigs and extensions. This course will teach you how to cut out the middleman and increase revenue by making your own silk base closures.

-Lace bases
-Tinting the lace or silk

Sewing Machine Wig Making

This class will teach you wig making on a handheld sewing machine with wefted hair and lace closures. This technique allows you to take large orders and make wigs wherever you go! No glues or adhesives, quick and easy! Using any hair texture or length, create wigs for online sales or provide wholesale for beauty store outlets. Hair placement, stitching patterns and cap design will be discussed in this course. Become your own manufacturer and eliminate competition with this exciting new trend in wig making.

Braid-in Bundles

You don't want to miss the demonstration of this revolutionary method where human hair is vertically extended at the top of the weft for attachment. Braid-in bundles offer you a secure hold without the use of glue, thread or clips. Available in a variety of different textures, a full head installation can be completed in one easy step. Eliminate the process of sewing in each weft row by row by braiding these extensions directly into the natural hair. Learn the different braiding patterns including a beehive for kinky or curly hair, or a straight back design for those who want leave out. Be the first in your area to retail these Braid-in bundles and offer this simple and seamless technique that will last for up to two months.

-Braiding patterns
-Hair textures

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