Sharon Reams

NEW!!!  The Cover Up Technique (Hair Loss Solution)

This technique is designed to cover the top thin area of the client's hair while blending perfectly with the remaining natural hair. This technique is tailored for clients that have thinning hair or are in the early stages of alopecia in the crown of the head. The clients can utilize my "No Track Look" without compromising the remaining natural hair This technique doesn't require braids, glues, etc. The styling versatilities are endless. The clients will be able to part, comb, and shampoo the hair with no worries. This technique lasts for 2 to 3 months. Seeing definitely is believing. Lets change lives one head at a time, together.

No Hair, No Problem
No Tracks ,Permanent Hair Loss Solution

The secret is out! it has finally been revealed! This life changing solution is for clients who suffers from moderate to severe alopecia, hereditary and medical issues or any type of permanent hair loss in the crown of the head. No tracks Non Surgical Hair loss Technique requires no braids, no clips, links or quick weaves, while lasting 2 to 4 months with proper maintenance. Clients can lead active lifestyles that may include swimming and exercise with Absolutely no lumps or bumps! There will be live models and demonstration in class. Get on board and don't get left behind! See you in class.


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