Roslyn Steward

Repairing Lace Wigs & Closures
Lace wigs are the most natural looking pieces in the hair industry today and they’re undetectable to the eye. What do you do when your lace wigs and closure pieces start to thin out or start to present alopecia spots? Look no more! This class will teach you how to repair your lace wigs and closure pieces using two techniques:

● Stitching Technique
● Hair Technique

The information in this class will be very thorough and you would not want to miss out on this educational opportunity, bring your pen and paper!

How to Make Your Lace Wig Look More Natural To theEye

Why are you walking around with a round hairline that does not look natural to the eye?? This class is for stylists who are making their own custom lace front wigs and want to know how to make the hairline look more realistic. This class will teach you the proper directions to ventilate in order to make your lace front wigs undetectable.

 You will learn hair placement and ventilation directions. Onceyou have mastered these skills you can evolve from that stylist behind the chair to a more skillful stylist who has entered into diverse income. Entering into this industry of Ventilation can open up more doors for you as a stylist and help build up your business and brand. This is a class that you would love to attend if you are a stylist wanting to take your skills to the next domain.

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