Ky Smith

Ky Smith

Understanding the Gut-Skin- Hair Axis

It’s been said that you are what you eat. The hair, skin and nails are the window to what’s happening within the body, while your gut houses the bulk of the body’s immune system that stands on guard like soldiers on the front line in the military, protecting your body from foreign invaders.

During this class you’ll learn how an imbalanced gut microbiome can impact your client’s health and be the underlying cause of their hair loss and scalp disorders. You will also gain clarity on how to render support to your clients to get them on track to improve their gut, skin and hair health.


My Client’s Been Diagnosed with Alopecia, Now What?

Hair Loss is a pandemic and is no respecter of persons- it’s causes are many.

During this class you’ll learn 7 reasons why your client may be losing their hair, the top 20 questions every hairstylist should ask their client with hair loss, and how to go beyond the “Alopecia” diagnosis when your client isn’t making progress with a protocol. Ky will expound on how to offer solutions to your clients in the salon, as well as how to avoid the pitfalls of marketing gimmicks that impede progress.

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