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Hair Ventilation: Create Natural Hair Pieces & Peace of Mind 

Hair loss can impact ones self-image and self-esteem. Many people wear cranial prosthesis to cope with hair loss due to baldness, alopecia or chemotherapy. Most insurance companies pay for custom wigs to meet special medical needs of customers suffering from medical procedures such as radiation or hair follicle related diseases. Now you can learn how to create and sell beautiful natural looking wigs and hairpieces with our innovative hair ventilation technique…


  • Tools and Supplies Needed
  • Single Knotting
  • Double Knotting
  • Closures
  • Cranial Prosthesis
  • Marketing Strategies

By: Hair Design Team

Instructor: Justin Kace


Micro Link Fusion

The Micro-Link Hair Extensions system is the most advanced technology of hair extensions available! With this technique, we will show you how small micro links are used to attach tiny strands of pre-tip hair. This method is very undetectable and can be worn in a high ponytail and updos. You can also wash the hair with this technique and relax the edges.
This method of hair extensions is the most preferred by those that desire natural looking hair. This is one of the few hair extension techniques that do not require the use of heat, adhesives, chemicals, sewing and or braiding methods. This technique will last up to 5 months with proper maintenance and care.


  • Tools and Supplies Needed
  • Hair Prep
  • Parting and Sectioning Technique
  • Micro Ring Application
  • Pre-tipped Hair Application
  • Removal Technique
  • Marketing Strategies

By: Design Team

Instructor: Justin Kace Design Team
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