Gloria “GIGI” Ford

The Blueprint to Hair Loss Solutions-Men Women and Children by Gigi Ford

The “BLUEPRINT” Look and Learn is recommended for both the beginning and experienced Hair Replacement Professional looking to improve their overall knowledge and increase revenue.

 Join Gloria “GIGI” Ford as she shares her wealth of knowledge and expenice

  1. Did you know there are serval types of Template (mold) prosthesis design
  2. LOSS SOLUTIONS - Which hairpiece will work for which client
  3. MEDICAL MARKETING – What medical professionals require from you
  4. INSURANCE CLAIMS – How to successfully secure payment
  5. THE BLANKET WEAVE – Transitioning from a weave to hair replacement


Hair Loss Solutions Men- Women And Children Gigi Ford

How to develop appropriate piece for each client

* How to sell the solution and not the product

*did you know there are serval types of Template (mold)

* Take your client from hair weaving to hair replacement

* Insurance Companies will pay your net worth

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