Gloria “GIGI” Ford

Gloria "Gigi" Ford is an author, international educator & hair loss guru. With her Masters in Cosmetology, she is dedicated to sharing the truth about non-surgical hair loss solutions & ensuring that her students & clients receive accurate information in order to make educated decisions when purchasing hair loss products & services.

Medical Edition: The Truth About Cranial Prosthesis Templates Look and Learn 60 min

The design of the hair template determines the prosthetic result. The correct design template and the markings placed upon them are critical in order to obtain a perfect aesthetic for clients struggling with alopecia, chemotherapy, burns, lupus, etc. Capture the exact measurements of your client’s head shape, curvature & hair loss area in minutes electronically using 3-D Scan. Go from 30-60 min to less than 10 min using this next generation technology, 3-D Scan.

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