Donyelle Mcbride

Donyelle V. McBride

(Class #1)

Step-by step Trichology Blueprint.  Review client consultations and keys to closing.  Learn effective marketing strategies to connect with medical professionals and generate new business.   Analyze and Identify reversible and/or irreversible Alopecia(s). Quantify the success of your programs and scientifically measure new hair growth. Assess biochemical imbalances in relation to hair loss.  Increase your revenue in 90 Days.  Level the medical playing field with Hair Mineral comprehensive lab reports.


(Class #2)

Not every Stylists is meant to be a Trichologist however every Stylist will want to know keys to Trichology.  Set yourself apart from the rest.  Offer customer service your client's cannot buy online.  Increase your revenue with treatment Protocols to help restore your client's hair  Have you taken other trainings however still feel unprepared.  If you're ready to see less clients, add more value, and  make more money..... you don't want to miss this class.

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