DeShawn F. Bullard


My Clients Are Losing Their Hair! Help Me Help Them!

It’s 2017 and clients experiencing hair loss is at an all-time high. These customers don’t know what to do or where to turn for help with their problem. You must get in position to help your client’s with this issue. This informational seminar will cover:
• The Business of Hair Loss – A Money Making Business!
• The causes of Hair Loss & Balding
• How to prevent hair thinning, hair breakage and hair loss
• How to properly consult with clients with hair loss
• How to perform and read a Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis
• What Ingredients really work to Re-Grow Hair 
• How to measure for and install a Hair Cranial Prosthesis 
• The Latest Hair Makeup Technique to cover thinning & Balding.

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