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By Denise Michelle Next Level Concepts

The Revolution is here! Our ROCK cutting concepts has impacted and taken over the art of haircutting! In addition to this core cutting foundation we have taken it to the Next level of soft molding and styling out! Learn how to prepare your cut for textured styling with our #Freedomhair Concept. During this class not only will we revisit the concept of Rock Cutting but also demonstrate the creative side of wet hair molding, placement, and sculpting for the total Rock cutting LIVE Technique.

ROCK IT OUT in your cutting techniques by chiseling away one step at a time. Denise Michelle will show you how to face the impossible in haircutting and leave your fears behind. This core cutting Concept is designed to rebuild and reestablish the basic foundation in hair cutting. Rediscover your passion and ROCK out your Cuts with confidence as you get armed with power tools and transform your rock into a ROCKER!! Are you ready for the Next Level?

Let Texture Make your statement! The Trend setting concept ROCK CUTTING introduces the Follow up #iamrockcut. Join Denise Michelle as she dissects the Internal Structure of this concept, pulling apart each layer to give you full understanding and the power to create through the use of Free Hand Razor Sculpting, Shear Degree and Notching Separation. Take the Limits off and allow your Cutting Tools to dictate for you!

Next Level Concepts by Denise Michelle
This series will explore classic bobs by extending an advance illusion through creative use of low and aggressive texture. Bob lines are typically weighted with heavy contouring. The DM CLASSIC Series will build on this concept while giving you a higher quality of this trend, however challenging you to keep moderate weigh and build with Freedom! Weightless, classic bobs are the new movement! We motivate you beyond the boundaries of hairdressing, often extreme but all to inspire! #hairthatmoves #freedomhair #weightlessconcepts

Concepts learned during this session

  • Classic bob with weightless angle
  • Weightless texture
  • Weigh distribution
  • Use of four corners (diagonal maze)
  • Asymmetrical disconnection
  • Depth illusions
  • Invisible Fringe contouring
  • Simple soft wave patterns

Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security. To read an encrypted file, you must have access to a secret key or password that enables you to decrypt it.

Join Denise Michelle as she BREAKS THE CODE! No more second guessing, no more uncertainty! Get equip with the keys to successful haircutting. During this class we will rediscover the foundation and unbreakable fundamentals in haircutting theory. Students will gain a new wealth of valuable transitional information that will take them on an advance mastery journey. Denise the creator of the ROCK cutting concept and WEIGHTLESS hair is ready to give you all access to Break the Code!

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