Connie Judge and Adreana Ramseur


 Hair loss has become an epidemic!

Hair loss is at an all-time high and haircare restoration services is needed in order to save our stands. This class is designed to educate beauty professionals about the financial economic growth in the business of Trichology. In addition, beauty professionals will have a greater understanding about the profitability in hair loss restoration services.  Professionals will learn the Trichology Haircare methodologies and how earn over a $100,000 a year in Trichology Therapy Treatments (TTT). Hair Scalp Therapy have been clinically proven to slow down the progression of many different forms of hair loss.  Treatment plans ranging from bronze to platinum levels of services.  This includes: Laser Therapy, Micro Scalp Therapy, Scalp Exfoliation, Scalp Hydration Therapy, Blood Circulation Therapy and much more.

Join Connie Judge, President of the National Trichology Training Institute andAndreana Ramseur Trichologistas they show beauty professionals how earn a Diplomas and Certification in Trichology Healthcare in order to provide these types of services.

Attendees will receive a Certificate for CEU Credits

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