Brian Perry

Class Description
BPI Hair Care brings to you their Artistic Director, B. Perry. Here he will demonstrate the fundamentals of combination haircutting utilizing various BPI cutting implements in one single haircut.  Basic and advanced angles, tool placement, and consultation are tailored to bring about this custom trend.  Finishing techniques powered by the heat of “BPI Hair Care Styling Tools” will polish off this eye catching look.

Learning Objectives
The objective of this class is to gain not only a fundamental view of highly textured hair, but empower attendees to be more confident with highly textured hair as well as razor cutting and finishing work with various textures. Understanding the many avenues that are presented with various hair textures and the career choices that can come along with it, will empower stylists to embrace diversity while respecting texture. B. Perry’s direct involvement with attendees, keeps them at ease wile furthering learning.

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