Apryl Michelle Brown

Apryl-2Apryl Michelle Brown was born in Pensacola, Florida the fifth of six children. Her family moved to California when Apryl was 11 year's old. She grew up and became a very successful hair stylist and Salon owner.

In 2004 Apryl decided to get silicone butt injections on the black market. During years of pain and suffering Apryl attempted to have the silicone removed unsuccessfully.

By 2011, she fell gravelly ill, rushed to the hospital emergency room and given 24 hours to live. Apryl spent five grueling months in the hospital fighting for her life and endured 27 surgeries. The surgeries included the removal of the silicone, the amputation of her butt cheeks, as well as the amputation of both her hands and feet.

Apryl knew she wanted to live and her spirit rose like a Phoenix. She is now living her "New Normal", totally on purpose as she inspire others through her first memoir...More than a body. The Apryl Michelle Brown Story.

Apryl's story has appeared on television and in magazines such as The Doctors, Katie Couric, Essence magazine. (Just to name a few).

Apryl believes that nothing happened to her. Everything happened for her. She also believes, it's never about what causes us to "fall". It's all about how gracious we rise up, on PURPOSE after the fall.

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