Doris F. Mosley

Welcome to the 2020 SPECTRUM INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY EXPO! Our educators are ready to explode with the most exclusive education ever, and we’re extending our invitation to those who are also ready for their careers to explode to the next level, to those who want to change the direction of their business, and to those who want to position themselves for a higher level of profit. THE TIME FOR THE NEXT GENERATION IS NOW! For some, social media has become the modern day YouTube University, where you can view just about every beauty service available. However at SIBE we still believe that there is nothing better than professional up close and personal education taught by professional educators! Please also allow each manufacturer and exhibitor to introduce you to their latest products and tools. Now, if you are ready for a great experience... JOIN US! This year I celebrate 41 years of caring and sharing with this industry that I am so passionate about. I look forward to seeing you and I thank you for your continued support.

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